Youth Classes

Youth Classes

Beginning tap kids level 1:
This class is for kids 5-7 to begin learning the art of tap dance. Shuffle off to buffalo, and many other basics of tap dance. Fun music and teachers.

Beginning tap kids level 2:
This class is for 8 to 12 yr olds to learn to dance with kids around their age. Learn music, rhythms, and how to get sounds out of your feet.

Intermediate tap:
Technique class for those with some experience. We reinforce all the basics in technique and prepare dancers for more advanced technical work with a strong emphasis on instilling timing and clarity of sound. Introduction of common rhythmic patterns, improvisation, and grace moves (pickupspick ups) are a regular part of class.

Advanced tap:
Love tap? Want a challenge? Classes will include, but not be limited to: advanced crawls, paddle and roll combinations, thirds, tap turns, grab offs, pickupspick ups, wings, 8-16 bar rhythmic patterns, complex rhythmic combinations that incorporate grace moves, mixed meter, and polyrhythmic exercises, and let’s not forget improvisation.

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