School Programs


Tap in the Schools

KSR has developed a comprehensive grade school program incorporating tap dance to enrich student’s after-school experiences. Designed for a semester or longer, the program can be brought into elementary and middle schools in any city across the country.

Our Program

We offer a high quality, arts enrichment program called “Body of Sound” or “Tap with Class.” While the subject of this kinetic learning is tap dance – the skills, technique, musicality and culture of this art form – the improvisational and collaborative nature of tap dance and tap culture also allow us to teach problem-solving skills, respect for diversity of voices and talents, how to accept leadership roles and how to share knowledge by teaching one’s peers. For many students, this is the first dance class they have ever taken.

“Tap dance was fun. It was something out of the ordinary. You’re going to do something different every day, looking at weird interesting things, learning different things every day.” – Shania, 8th Grade

Our programs provide a safe and supportive environment for student interaction and engagement, as outlined in the Youth Performance Quality Assessment (YPQA). Every year, in every school, teachers tell us there is at least one child who, though quiet and withdrawn in other parts of the school day, lights up when they tap dance for the first time. Providing that motivation to be in school and to succeed is critical to student success. We are honored to play a role in the growth of these students and to also be part of their families’ experience.

“The class was like a community because we all got together.
The first time we got to show our dance – it was wonderful!” – Gabby, 6th Grade

Who We Serve

In 2008, we began a residency relationship with two inner city St. Paul schools. Due to its success, the project has expanded to multi-year programs at six schools:

  • Washington Technology
  • Paul Music Academy
  • Mississippi Magnet
  • Maxfield
  • Linwood
  • Lucy Laney

To date, we have served over 2,000 students.

How You Can Help

All of our instruction is offered free of charge to students and staff. Since 2010, we have invested over $150,000 in our outreach programing. Funding for these programs is made possible through a combination of grants and the generous support of our donors. By making a donation today, your gift will help dozens of kids learn the joy and art of tap dance.


Interested in bringing tap to your school? Contact us today!