Tap to move you


Aubrey Hansen

Keane Sense of Rhythm is an amazing tap company filled with very talented student's and teachers. It is very clear that the staff at Keane Sense of rhythm work very hard to provide their students with a dance education filled with history and technique. KSR is an amazing community of people that share the love of tap.


After having a stroke that affected my entire right side I worked hard at rehab; no matter what, I could not get rid of the obvious lag in my right leg and was having trouble with my memory. After taking a tap dance class less than 2 months, my lag is no longer noticeable and my memory has improved, but even more important, the sense of loss I was feeling has been replaced with joy and the gift of dance.

Jody Ryan

Amazing tap company with fabulous teachers. Classes are challenging and fun. My daughter loves the sense of community and loves performing with Keane Sense of Rythm. Recommend this dance company for anyone with a hunger to learn, a desire to create or a passion for tap!

Shannon Prather

I was so impressed with my son's experience in the youth and teen program I signed up for their adult program! Wonderful teachers, fun classes. I love feeling part of this community.


Tap dance was fun. It was something out of the ordinary. You're going to do something different every day, looking at weird interesting things, learning different things every day.


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