Our Mission

Our Vision

To preserve, present, create, and expand the boundaries of American Tap Dance. We accomplish our mission through education, creation of new works, and performances, presenting tap events, collaborating with other artists, and investing in talented youth. Keane Sense of Rhythm is where tap grows community.

To create a community of human beings who understand the value of arts and arts education through our community outreach programs and work with children.

Our Supporters

We are grateful for the support of our students, their families, and the Twin Cities dance community. Our newsletter reaches over 1,000 supporters and donations from individuals represented 13% of our 2016 monetary income. Historically, we have been honored to receive grant funding from the Arts & Cultural Heritage Fund for Arts Learning (2020 - $10,000; 2019 - $10,000; 2018 - $10,000; 2015 - $10,000; 2013 - $9,140; 2012 - $21,853 and $10,000; 2011 - $2,050) and Arts Access (2014 - $40,490; 2011 - $15,207), as well as the Minnesota State Arts Board, the Minnesota Regional Arts Council, the Target Foundation and the Jubilation Foundation.

Keane Sense of Rhythm is a registered 501(c)3 nonprofit organization. Founded in 1997, KSR has worked steadily to build community, and, more specifically, to bridge communities via tap dance. Since 2007, we have provided over $150,000 in programming to children in public schools, all free of charge. We offer tap classes (including free tap shoes!) for periods of at least one semester to youth in 8 different schools in and around the Twin Cities.

Tap for All

As a tap company centered around diversity, the majority of students reached by KSR are students at low-income schools in St. Paul, Minnesota. KSR teaches students from a variety of ethnic and linguistic backgrounds, including Somali, Hmong, and Latino. According to St. Paul Public Schools, the student population across the district is 32% Asian American, 30% African American, 22% Caucasian American, 14% Latino American, and 2% American Indian.

Approximately 34% of students are English language learners, 16% of students utilize special education services and 72% of students are eligible for free or reduced-price lunch.

Outside of the public schools, our tap classes reach students far and wide, ranging in age from 8 to 80. Our Youth Tap Ensemble, designed for more serious tappers, trains dancers ages 11-18, many of whom go on to have professional dance careers. Our morning “Tappy Hour” adult classes are a favorite with seniors, while young adults love our evening classes. We also welcome and accommodate participation by differently-abled students in our classes.

Keane Sense of Rhythm is a place where students and professionals can share, grow, and explore rhythm and movement. From passionate beginners to seasoned professionals, we serve everyone.

Smiling adult posing with classroom of happy kids