Keane Sense of Rhythm Youth Tap Ensemble played a crucial role in making me the man I am today.
First and foremost, KSR YTE gave me a sense of community during a critical time in my life. As a twelve year old, male dancer, I rarely saw other male figures who were also dancers. KSR YTE not only offered me male dancers to look up to, but also opened my eyes to others within the Minneapolis metro area, from all walks of life, who shared a love of dance. As I look back on those years, the friends and mentors I met from all over the world helped shape me into who I am now.
KSR YTE also gave me invaluable leadership skills. You cannot teach someone how to lead from a classroom. As an older student in YTE, you transition into a teacher, passing on the dances you’ve learned to the younger members. Through that experience, I learned what it takes to earn the respect of others. I’ve found, because of that experience, I’m now comfortable taking leadership positions and leading effectively.
YTE also gave me excellent problem solving skills. Shows come up at a moment’s notice, and when you only have one rehearsal or a few days to put a show together, the problems that come up are staggering. Even so, you have no choice but to face them head on and come up with a solution; the show must go on. Ultimately, KSR YTE instilled values in me that I still rely on. Even if on the surface it is just a dance company, deep down it’s much, much more.”

–Thomas Lein, Biochemistry and Chinese major at the University of Minnesota and up and coming med student

The KSR environment is unique.
Dancers are expected to grow and achieve, as disciplined artists, engaging performers, and contributing community members — and they do. It is heartening that this occurs through collaboration rather than competition. KSR tappers have numerous opportunities to share their skills with audiences, as KSR is deeply connected to the rich Twin Cities arts scene. KSR uses tap dance as a force for good in the lives of dancers, audiences, and the community at large.”
— Annie Hoffman, YTE and High School Student

I want to thank Cathy and Ellen for what you have given me through tap dancing. Fifteen years ago I developed an infection in my spinal column and an auto-immune response leaving me with numbness in my feet and legs. If I stood and started to walk too quickly, I’d trip. Over the years, there had been an improvement but numbness, balance issues, and clumsiness remained. After 6 months of tap dancing, I now consciously use my toes and calf muscles to balance and stay upright. The pattern of numbness on the bottoms of my feet and decreased sensation up the sides of my legs are still present, but I also have experienced improved awareness of feeling especially in my feet. While I still wobble sometimes, I am stronger and more sure-footed. I’ve noticed as well that I am regaining my ability to move my feet when my brain thinks it, rather than having to wait for the message to get through. I am delighted with tap dancing and my instructors.
— Elaine Boyer

Keane Sense of Rhythm is a community of tap-lovers that explore tap dancing technique, history, culture, and performance. KSR strives to bring tap to life by learning about tap’s pioneers, its foundations, and its cultural significance. Tapping at KSR is enjoyable and engaging because everyone contributes in class and on the stage, with other tap lovers from all levels of ability. I love KSR because it is a place where I can learn about tap, perform with other great dancers, and simply have fun.
many happy taps !!