Jazz on Tap



Jazz On Tap

Mark your calendars for May 22-23!  We are excited to announce a special collaboration between Keane Sense of Rhythm and local dance company Rhythmically Speaking to present “Jazz on Tap,” a live dance performance.

Rhythmically Speaking (RS) will be presenting The Cohort 20/21, featuring works by choreographers Dougie Robbins (NY), Ayo Walker (TN), Kayla Schiltgen (MN) and RS Artistic Director Erinn Liebhard.

KSR will present Mirror & Fission, a new work by choreographer Davon Suttles that explores concepts of social construct, conflict and control. Excerpts from his show Melanized, a multimedia tap show about the life of a person of color, will also be performed. KSR’s Youth Tap Ensemble will make special guest appearances.

Location: The Shed at The Lab Brewery in St. Paul (a covered OUTDOOR venue)
KSR performances: May 22 at 4 pm; May 23 at 2 pm and 7 pm
RS Performances: May 22 at 2 pm and 7 pm; May 23 at 4 pm

In addition, we will be hosting two FREE tap jams!
Saturday, May 22 at approx. 5 pm (after the 4 pm show)
Sunday, May 23 at 6:30 pm (before the 7 pm show)
All tap dancers are welcome to come and jam!

Seating for the shows will be done in socially distanced pods. Purchase tickets for a single show or purchase a special combination package to view both KSR and RS! Can’t make it in person? We will have a special livestream option for Saturday!

Please note that all performances are BYOC – bring your own chair!  We also have special spaces for those with pickup trucks who would like “balcony” seating.

Ticketing Information
We know that this year has been challenging, so we are using a modified “pay what you can” model for our shows. You will need to pay a minimum amount in advance to reserve your seat or pod. When you arrive at the show, you will be asked to make an additional per person ticket donation. Tickets are valued at $25 per person (minus the reservation fee).

Pricing Examples:
Single Ticket: $20 reservation fee + $5 donation at the door
2-3 Person Pod: $40 reservation fee + $10-$35 donation at the door
4-6 Person Pod: $80 reservation fee + $20-$70 donation at the door
Bring Your Own Balcony: $20 reservation fee + $5-$80 donation at the door

If you cannot afford to make an additional donation, that’s ok. We want everyone to be able to attend! Money raised from donations will be used to help us pay the dancers for their performance!

Tickets On Sale Now!

Bear with us, folks. Between distanced “pods” of seating, rotating two different shows, offering livestream and “package deal” options to see both and flexible pricing because it’s been a tough year for a lot of folks, ticketing for this event is COMPLEX! Please read the below instructions (and all on our ticketing website/s) with care.

To purchase tickets, head to our  TicketLeap landing page, where you will see events listed for the Keane Sense of Rhythm, Rhythmically Speaking and Livestream shows that are a part of our “Jazz on Tap” series! If you are planning to attend both the 2pm and 4pm shows Saturday or Sunday (i.e., purchase the “package deal”), click on either  “Keane Sense of Rhythm” or “Rhythmically Speaking” or events, and you’ll be offered a prompt along the way to set this up. Pointers for a smooth ticket purchase:

  1. From our TicketLeap landing page, select the event you’d like to attend.
  2. Click “Tickets” on the left sidebar.
  3. Click the date you’d like to attend.
  4. Click the “Any Table” dropdown menu and select a seating pod with the appropriate amount of people for your party, eg., “3W for 4-6″ will seat 4-6 people, “BYO-Balcony” is for vehicle parking around the outside of the venue. Note: to get a look at the seating chart, access TicketLeap on a desktop or laptop computer. If you are planning to purchase the “package deal,” take note of which pod you’ve selected.
  5. Select the “Ticket Type” that corresponds to the size of seating pod you’ve selected, enter “1” under “QTY” (Quantity), and then scroll down to click “Add to Cart.”
  6. If purchasing a pod of seating for either the 2pm or 4pm shows on either Saturday or Sunday, you will be prompted about adding a ticket for the other show happening that day – i.e., turning your purchase into the “package deal.” If you are not interested in this, click the “Proceed to Checkout” button found at the top of the page to complete your purchase. If you are interested in the package deal, select the same pod from the drop-down menu that you did for the first show, select the “Ticket Type” that corresponds to the size of seating pod you’ve selected, enter “1” under “QTY” (Quantity), and then scroll down to click “Add to Cart,” which will take you to a new screen to complete your purchase.
  7. When completing your purchase, if you are attending a 2pm and 4pm show on the same day (i.e., the “package deal”), be sure you’ve selected the same pod for each. If you haven’t, click “Edit” and use the seating chart that pops up to pick the correct pod. Cancel the old one by hitting the “X” next to it and then hitting “Save,” which will take you back to your check-out page.

Please note that you will be asked to check a box agreeing to a waiver for attending this performance.

Other things to note:

  • Our  YTE FastTrack line will be performing at our 4pm show on Saturday.
  • Our  YTE Advanced line will be performing at our 7pm show on Sunday.
  • The tap jams are FREE for anyone to attend. To help us get a head count for each tap jam, please use the ticketing link to register to attend the tap jam. You will NOT be charged anything to attend.