Community Engagement & Outreach Programs

Keane Sense of Rhythm builds community through tap dance.

KSRs outreach in the St. Paul public schools introduces students to a new form of art: tap dance! For over 2,000 students we’ve reached since 2008, KSR and our Outreach Program was their first dance class.

Every year, in every school, teachers tell us there is at least one child who, though quiet and withdrawn in other parts of the school day, lights up when they tap dance for the first time. Providing that motivation to be in school and to succeed is critical to long-term engagement and student success. We are honored to be part of the success of these students and to also be part of their family’s experience.


KSR also engages the community by organizing an annual National Tap Dance Day festival at Como Park Pavilion in Minneapolis. This event is free to all and typically hosts a capacity crowd as we consciously seek to showcase the wide range of skills and styles of percussive dance in and around the Twin Cities.

At one of our recent events, participating dancers came from as far as Duluth, in ages ranging from 8 to 78. They were excited to showcase a range of percussive dance styles including African traditional, Irish step, Hollywood swing and contemporary rap.


KSR is beyond proud to host students from our Outreach Program classes at our National Tap Dance Day festival in what is usually their first-ever public performance. The audiences of several hundred come from the communities performing as well as dance lovers and local area residents. We’re always excited to host attendees as diverse as the performers!