KSR's Youth Tap Ensemble (YTE) was created in 2002 to provide a professional experience for passionate tap dancers.

Our expert, supportive and in-depth instruction attracts students from a 75-mile radius around the Twin Cities. Across all platforms, our teaching goals extend beyond steps and choreography— KSR strives to develop life skills.

We are able to do this by:

  • Encouraging students to make powerful choices
  • Allowing students to accept leadership roles within class
  • Showing students how to prioritize and set goals
  • Student teaching — Sharing dance knowledge with their peers
  • Developing confidence, and…
  • Giving students a deep understanding of group dynamics

Our diverse group of students is also taught the importance of “commitment to community.” As one former student stated:

“KSR YTE gave me a sense of community during a critical time in my life… Without realizing it, I learned what it takes to earn the respect of others in order to lead. On the surface it’s just a dance troupe, but deep down it’s much more.”

YTE students range in age from 7-18 and the average time they collaborate with us is five years. However, this is not an exclusive company. Many YTE members participate, and are encouraged, to take other dance classes at studios within the local community. Due to this, we conveniently meet on Sunday afternoons during the school year to avoid conflicts with other dance training.

We also provide a supportive platform for alumni to develop their choreographic skills within YTE and beyond.

For additional information or if you have questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us by clicking the button below.